Blogger nu på svenska

Nu rapporterar Google att Blogger även finns på svenska. Även de andra nordiska språken är tillgängliga. Totalt finns nu Blogger översatt till 19 språk. Den svenska versionen hittas här.

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Framtiden med Intels ultramobil

Den här filmen hittade jag via GigaOM. Den visar Intels vision av Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC). Mer information finns hos Intel.

Kort beskrivning av UMPC från Intel

”More than ever before, today’s media-hungry consumers are looking for convenient ways to access the Internet and enjoy their favorite digital content while on the go. People, no matter where they are around the world, want to take the full power of the Internet and their PCs with them. They want to be connected with the important people in their lives anytime, everywhere they go. They want technology to make their lives easier.

Intel is addressing these needs by delivering low power technologies that enable a new category of small, thin, and light devices, the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) platform. Simply put, the UMPC is the perfect PC companion.”

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